Pocket Dreams Survey Results

Many thanks to everyone who submitted their ideas and suggestions to the Pocket Dreams project to help the PCA determine where we should put our efforts in order to improve this neighbourhood for you!

Last January at the AGM we asked Pocket residents to draw up their dreams for the Pocket, which resulted in a wonderful, inspiring and creative list of ideas. In order to decide which of these dreams the PCA should help to realize, we asked a question in the form of an online survey, to which 175 residents responded. Each respondent was allowed to choose up to 2 answers. These are the results:

What change(s) would most improve the Pocket?

  • Improve Phin Park (bike racks, sculptures, etc.)  31 % or  54 votes 
  • Develop a public garden to improve access to food  17.8 % or 31 votes
  • Hold more social events in the Pocket  16.7 % or 29 votes
  • Improve the path from Condor to Chatham (lighting, levelling, etc.)  47.7 % or 83 votes
  • Carry out residential greening initiatives (green roofing, solar power, etc.)  18.4 % or 32 votes
  • Establish an emergency management system (in case of electricity fallout, extreme heat, etc.)  17.8 % or 31 votes 
  • Develop a neighbourhood support system (for seniors, disabled, etc.) 24.7 % or 43 votes

We also received dozens of very useful comments that we will take into consideration.

The PCA will now review the outcome of the Survey internally and assess how we can best address the needs and desires of residents. We will continue the dialogue with the Pocket’s residents as we work towards a plan of action and implementation to help realize some of these dreams. Close collaboration with and involvement of our members will be crucial to make any of these dreams a success; as we couldn’t do it without your input and support.

Please keep a close eye on the PCA website, Pocket Facebook group and PCA e-newsletter, where we will share further news and announcements about the Pocket Dreams.