Eadit Rokach


Past-Chair is not an elected position.

Eadit has lived in The Pocket since 2007. She has been a lawyer for 22 years and an assistant Crown attorney for the last 18 years.

She is a co-founder and director of Wildfire: Lighting up LGBTQ+ Legal Culture, a non-profit organization that aims to strengthen the LGBTQ+ community by hosting fundraising events for LGBTQ+ causes and programs. Since 2016, Eadit has coached high school students for the mock trial tournament run by the Ontario Justice Education Network. She currently mentors a law student at the University of Toronto, and in the past mentored an LGBTQ+ youth recovering from a drug addiction.

Eadit is very excited about contributing to the community that has been so welcoming to her and her partner. She hopes to give back and create more connectedness in this special community.