The Pocket Book is available online!

After many, many weeks of hard work, we finalized "The Pocket Book", the one and only list of businesses and service recommendations made by your Pocket neighbours. The list was previously known as the "Pocket Recommendations and Skills Exchange List",  and was hosted on the Pocket Facebook page.  The PCA took this list of recommendations a step further: we created a searchable online database where with a simple search function you can find all businesses according to category or key word. The Pocket Book also allows you to vote for a business or service, by clicking on a 'thumbs up' icon, and to add comments (note that login is required for placing comments). As a bonus, we have also created a filter that shows Pocket based services and businesses only.

Click here to visit The Pocket Book

The continued contribution of our PCA members has made this new exciting feature on the site possible and we would like to offer this as an added value to being a PCA member. It is therefore our intention to make the Pocket Book available to PCA members only. However, at the time of launch, we would like everyone - PCA member or not - to enjoy the great value of the Pocket Book and for this reason we have decided to keep the page accessible to non-members too for 3 months (July 1 - Sept 30). As of October 2014, The Pocket Book will be a PCA exclusive page, meaning that it is accessible via member login only. So make sure you get your PCA membership if you haven't already!

The name "The Pocket Book" came from a poll we created on the Pocket Facebook group, where we asked people to vote and suggest a new name for this list of recommendations. Several names were coined and the winner by far was The Pocket Book (44+ votes).

Do you want to list a business or service on The Pocket Book? Please send an email to: [email protected]

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