Find below a list of each PCA’s committee’s name, leader, email address, PCA Executive liaison representative, members, and a short description of what the committee does and stand for.

1. Outreach and Membership Committee

Coordinator: Gemma Parker,
Members: Paul Woodman, and Ellen Titus as Street Captains Leader.

This committee maintains a confidential list of PCA members; maintains contact with membership through email communication and Street Captains; recruits new members; is responsible for the collection of annual fees.

2. Communications Committee

Coordinator: Daryl Boshart,
Members: Gemma Parker, Irene Vandertop, Jeff Otto, Paul Woodman, Susan McMurray, Susan Patterson and Trish O’Reilly-Brennan.

This committee facilitates the communication between the PCA and its members, and increases the connectivity amongst Pocket residents in general. It maintains, updates and improves the website and manages digital communications including the Pocket Post e-newsletter and the Twitter account. It also oversees administration and information technology for the PCA.

3. Energy and Environment Committee

Co-Chairs: Craig Jasman and David Langille,
Members: Allison Evans, Bryan Dale, Catharina DeRuyter, Craig Jasman, David Langille, Donna Lee, Gord Fraser, Kelly Pike, Liisa Repo-Martel, Marc van Beusekom, Michael J. O’Neill, Paul Dowsett, Paul Woodman, Susan McMurray, Supriya Syal.

The energy committee is concerned with sharing information and advice to PCA members regarding technologies and equipment, which are useful for saving energy and protecting our carbon footprint in the Pocket.

4. Fundraising Committee

Coordinator: Judith (Zhiizhii) Prince,

This committee is responsible for finding sponsors and collecting donations that help the PCA realize its projects and goals

5. Safety Committee

Coordinator: Trish O’Reilly-Brennan,
Members: Richard Brooks and Steven Tanner (police liaison).

This committee is concerned with promoting the safety and well-being of all residents of the Pocket with the goal to create the safest living environment possible.

6. TTC Committee

Coordinator: Susan McMurray,
Members: Diane Smith, Don Smith, Gilles Durot, Jeff Otto, Llana Nakonechny and Steve Cutting.

This committee is concerned with the PCA interest in the west section of Oakvale Green, which serves as a buffer between the TTC Greenwood Yard and homes on Lydia Court, Oakvale Avenue (west), Queen Victoria Street, Seymour Avenue and Boultbee Avenue. This committee has developed a Memorandum of Understanding between the PCA and the TTC regarding maintenance and improvements of these lands. TTC Liaison Persons for the PCA are Diane Smith and Gilles Durot

7. Events Committee

Coordinator: Jeff Otto,
Members: Dean Miller

Remember that last street party? And who helped make it a success? You! We wouldn’t be able to create such amazing events without the help of our volunteers and organizers. The Events Committee ensures that there are plenty of fun and interesting events to go to year around: street parties, film nights and potlucks. We must have the volunteer network to support these events. If you like to volunteer, help organize or even suggest your own new event, join us!

8. Phin Park and Greening (Pocket Tree Project) Committee

Coordinator: Jeff Otto,
Members: Liisa Repo-Martel
Pocket Tree Project Members: Dan Olsen, Richard Brooks, and Christine Buchanan.

These committees are dedicated to keeping nature in the Pocket, and Phin Park in particular, alive and thriving. With park clean ups, planting of trees and shrubs and ecosystem care, we help create a liveable and beautiful environment for everyone living in the Pocket.

9. Youth Committee

Coordinator: Vacant position

10. Nominations and Election Planning Committee

Members: The Executive Committee appoints one of its members to this committee each spring. This person recruits two PCA Members who are not on the Executive Committee to serve on this committee.

This is an ad hoc committee, not a standing committee. Its function is to plan, communicate and coordinate the nomination process and the election process for election of the new Executive Committee at the following Annual General Meeting. Following the AGM, this committee disbands. Change in membership of the Executive Committee is inevitable and desirable. This committee will encourage PCA members to consider leadership roles in the committees and to discuss the potential for standing for election for an Executive Committee position at the AGM.

11. Volunteers Committee

Coordinator: Nina Littman-Sharp,
Members: Paul Woodman and Donna Lee.

This committee serves as the point of contact for PCA members who wish to offer their services to the Pocket as volunteers. The committee lists the skills, expertise or work offered and then matches these resources with requests for human resources needed to carry out the work of PCA or any of its committees