A Message from the PCA Secretary

One of the key indicators for success or failure of any community organization has to do with the quality and keenness of the organization’s leaders. I have seen numerous associations that suffered a failure of leadership and had to disband. When this happens, it is a wasted opportunity and a disservice to the folks who could have benefitted from the association, had it been a success.

For this reason, it is crucial for any organization, including the PCA, to have an open and transparent process for bringing in new leaders. Circumstances and challenges will change, and the leaders must adapt to change. It is a good principle that there should be regular change in the volunteers at the top and therefore new leaders need to be recruited and welcomed on a regular basis.

To promote this principle, PCA has publicized its nomination process during fall 2013, and the result is a full slate of well-qualified and motivated volunteers who are now available to provide leadership for PCA for year 2014. The slate of volunteers for the PCA executive positions have been  uploaded here. Since the nomination process is now closed, and there is no need for ballot voting at the AGM, the plan is to ask PCA members at the AGM to agree that this slate of individuals should be voted in by acclamation to form the executive team for year 2014.

For next year, I would hope that PCA members who have an interest in an executive position will have discussions with current executives about preparation to run for election at the AGM elections in January 2015. Also, help is always needed for committee leadership and members, and these opportunities will be discussed at the AGM.

In preparation for the AGM on 30 January 2014, a Nomination + Election team has been hard at work. This team is composed of Kaye Leslie, Joan Hulbert and Don Smith. Joan is a PCA member who is not on the Executive Committee. They have prepared and publicized three notices informing our PCA members about the nomination process. The notices encouraged any PCA member to submit his/her name, photo and bio as an expression of interest in being elected to a PCA executive position.

These notices were sent as emails to PCA members, posted in the PCA website and stapled up on hydro poles and notice boards around the Pocket during September to November. The deadline for submitting bios was 30 November. As mentioned above, this invitation has resulted in a full slate of well-qualified PCA members who are interested in serving on the new Executive Committee to be elected at the AGM. I invite you to examine their qualifications.

It is a truism to say that active participation in PCA as a member, as a volunteer working in one of its committees, as a leader of a team or as a member of the Executive Committee will make a big difference to the strength of the Pocket. If it’s time for you to become actively involved in PCA leadership, there is a role for you and you will be welcomed.

Message prepared by PCA Secretary, Don Smith, 8 December 2013

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pdf-icon_small Download bios and photos for 2014 Executive Slate

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