Pocket Community Association

Welcome to the Pocket Community Association (PCA)! The “PCA” stands for the Pocket Community Association. The PCA represents the Pocket neighbourhood, a community in Toronto bounded by Danforth Avenue, Jones, Greenwood, and the railroad tracks south of Danforth. The PCA promotes, empowers and liaises on behalf of the community and neighbours.


The PCA’s mission is to promote a strong, vibrant, walkable, livable and safe community; to empower residents of our neighbourhood through community involvement; and to liaise with local officials and organizations on behalf of the Pocket community.


  • To increase community engagement and connections between neighbours
  • To be non-partisan and inclusive of diversity in the Pocket
  • To engage members of the community in issues specific to the Pocket and Toronto-wide
  • To participate in planning that affects the residents of the Pocket
  • To foster a safe, secure community
  • To enhance the beauty of the neighbourhood
  • To promote development that reflects the values and character of the neighbourhood
  • To be a credible, powerful, and representative voice for the Pocket
  • To promote and foster ecological sustainability

For our full Constitution and By-Laws, click below:

PCA Constitution & By-Laws

PCA Respect and Inclusiveness Policy