Community Safety Info

The PCA hosted a Community Safety Townhall on February 24, 2024. This page was developed to share some of the information that was presented as it is relevant to everyone in the Pocket. Some of our key takeaways from the Townhall were: 
  • We have more power than we think to prevent crimes! There are things we can do to prevent crimes in our neighbourhood, including installing doorbell cameras, motion detector lights, package tracking, locking our doors etc. 
  • It is important to report all suspicious activities or crimes. The more we report crimes - big and small - the more attention our neighbourhood will get. Reporting crimes helps the police connect the dots between seemingly isolated incidents. Learn how to report a crime
  • Our local police team rocks! Brittany and Joel are incredibly approachable, kind and compassionate individuals who care deeply about the safety of the Pocket. They are available anytime and welcome residents to reach out to discuss safety matters, report crimes etc. You can call the 55 Division Neighbourhood Officers at (416) 808-5419
  • Safe TTC App: Download this app for easy communication of safety concerns. Alternatively, there is also a number that can be used for emergency texting - 647-496-1940 


Additional resources for crime prevention and personal safety 








Emergency Notifications and Toronto Police 55 Division Communication:

911- Emergency in Progress. Available 24/7

(416) 808-2222 Non-Emergency.  A crime has occurred.  It is no longer in progress but still needs to be reported and investigated.  Available 24/7 Toronto Police Website where citizens can report non-emergency crimes, traffic issues, neighborhood issues such as graffiti and damage to auto.  Available online 24/7

55 Division Station/Front Desk: 101 Coxwell Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4L 3B3 (416)808-5500.  Officers and Civilian call takers answer phones and provide resources and information to the public.  Police related questions can be answered including Investigative updates.  Can sometimes update in relation to calls for service on the road.  Available 24/7

55 Division Instagram: TPS55DIV. Not always monitored.

55 Division Facebook: 55 Division-Toronto Police Service. Not always monitored.

55 Division Neighborhood Officers: (416) 808-5419.  Limited availability.  Primarily utilized for issues occurring in Designated Priority Neighborhoods.  (See 55 Division Neighborhood map online)  

55 Division General Email Inbox: [email protected]  Monitored Monday-Friday only.  Not intended for reporting crimes or crimes in progress.

Toronto Police Operations Centre @TorontoPolice “X”.  Provides updates to major incidents 24/7

TPOC provides information on Missing Person’s, Wanted Person’s, Emergency Situations such as Hold and Secures, Lockdowns at Schools or buildings, traffic Hazards and major collisions, Fires, Unknown Trouble Radio Calls, Police Investigations, Shootings or Stabbings etc.

Information provided by TPOC via “X” is usually the time, location or intersection and a GO# or event number associated to the incident.  This notification does not normally provide specific instruction or direction to the public.  Often time “X” does not update when an incident is complete.