Easter Egg Hunt


The Pocket Community Association looks forward to presenting this event at Phin Park on Saturday April 19th starting at 10am sharp, rain or shine. This event is for kids (and parents) of all ages!


(1) Bring 20 filled plastic eggs per child in your family. Fill them with peanut/tree-nut free candy or little toys or stickers. "Hide" these between 8-9am on Saturday morning in the appropriate area. The Easter Egg Hunt will start at 10am sharp so be sure to arrive before 9.45am so that the kids can be organized for the official start. This kicks off with a special poem.

Toddler Area: There will be a designated "toddler area" north of the shed, between the laneway and the sidewalk. This will be for little ones under four years of age.

Big Kid Area: Kids four years of age and older can hunt throughout the rest of Phin Park.

Please remind your child that they can only collect 20 eggs each so that everyone gets their fair share.

(2) Bring a peanut/tree-nut free baked good for our free treats table. Any offering is gratefully appreciated! Please PM me - Jill Spellman - what you can contribute so any gaps can be filled.

Bring any baked donations to the treats table between 8-9am on Saturday morning.

Coffee and water will be available free of charge and will be provided by the Pocket Community Association at the treats table.

The treats table will be available starting at 9.30am.

(3) Bring your camera. The Easter Bunny will make an appearance after the Easter Egg Hunt. Estimated time of arrival will be 10.30am.

* Last year many in our Community asked if they could give a donation to the Pocket Community Association fund. A donation jar will be available should you wish to contribute to the running of events like the Easter Egg Hunt at Phin Park. Donate what you can and there is no obligation to contribute.



8-9am Hide your eggs in the appropriate section & drop off baked goods at treats table.

9.30am Coffee, water and treats are available at the treats table.

9.50am Kids get organized for the official Easter Egg Hunt countdown. Line up against the fence.

10am Easter Egg Hunt poem is read and the countdown begins / Easter Egg Hunt starts.

10.30am Easter Bunny arrives for photos with the kids.

If you would like to volunteer, or have questions, please contact Jill Margery Davidson Spellman at [email protected]

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