Q: How can I put out a fire in my BBQ?
A: Shut the lid if possible/safe. If it is a gas barbeque, shut off the gas if possible/safe. Use a dry chemical fire extinguisher or baking soda. Call 911 if needed!


Q: How can I put out a fire in my kitchen?
A: Avoid throwing water on stoves and wherever hot oil is present. Instead, use a dry chemical extinguisher or baking soda. Shut off the element if possible/safe. Put a lid on the pan if possible/safe. Call 911 if needed!
Note: Your extinguisher should always be placed away from the cooking area and in a visible location. Check the pressure every month.

Q: How can I put out a fire in my house?
A: Get people and pets out of the house and call 911 immediately! Point a fire extinguisher at the base of the flames only if it is a small fire and can be quickly extinguished.