Map of TTC-PCA Greenspace and Memorandum Summary

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Between the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and the Pocket Community Association (PCA)

Signatures: Officers of the PCA signed the MOU on 14 August 2013 and the TTC signed in March 2014. Signatures for the TTC are the Acting Chief Operating Officer and the Chief Financial & Administration Officer. Trish O’Reilly-Brennan, then Chair PCA, and Diane Pera Smith, PCA Treasurer provided the PCA signatures. This 15 page MOU can be seen in its entirety in the PCA website.

Boundaries: The PCA portion of the greenspace is the section of Oakvale Green that runs south from the back of the Chatham Avenue fire station’s parking lot to Shudell Avenue. See display map for details.

Click here to view the map.

Appreciation: PCA wishes to thank Councillor Paula Fletcher who intervened helpfully several times in moving the MOU towards completion. Additionally we wish to acknowledge the assistance provided by Virginia Dabrus, Development Coordinator at TTC, who facilitated the development of the text of the MOU through several drafts, and arranged for the TTC signatures. The Pocket Community Working Group, now the PCA TTC Committee, invested a lot of time and energy into this project.

Ownership: The property known as Oakvale Green is owned by the City of Toronto for use by the TTC. PCA has no ownership claim on these lands, although PCA now has a partnership arrangement for part of the lands as a Licensee with the Commission, as confirmed by the MOU.

Restrictions in the Licence to use Oakvale Green:

● Community events are not included in this MOU,

● PCA does not condone any activity which breaks the law or TTC rules, regulations or by-laws,

● Oakvale Green is not designated as an off-leash dog walking area, since this can only be allowed in City Parks and Oakvale Green is not a City Park.

Maintenance: TTC will continue to maintain PCA Oakvale Green according to its traditional standard as described in Schedule C. TTC is responsible for the lights, the fencing, the landscaping, garbage collection, security and snow removal. There is no provision in the MOU for water supply to be available.

Remediation: Schedule C describes the TTC undertaking to, “…address the deterioration of the Licensed Lands as a result of natural processes (such as erosion), previous use (Licensed Lands previously a landfill), and intrusive human activity (such as TTC construction)”.

Inspections and Requests for Work: PCA has, “… the right to periodically inspect…” the lands and, “…to request the TTC to perform work.”

Liaison Persons: TTC has provided the name and contact information of its liaison person and PCA has provided our representatives’ names to facilitate communication and cooperation. For information or advice, or to report an issue such as burnt-out lightbulbs, write to [email protected]

Oakvale Avenue Residents Association (OKRA): OKRA also has a Memorandum of Understanding with the TTC for the portion of Oakvale Green to the east of the PCA lands. The PCA MOU and the OKRA MOU are separate agreements, created with TTC to respect the use of the lands by these community associations.


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