PCA Energy Committee: Get Grid Resilient

A note from Craig Jasman, Chair PCA Energy Committee:

For those PCA Members who were at the AGM in January 2015, you will recall that Gord Fraser made some comments about research he has been doing at The Ravina Project to reduce the consequences of the electrical Grid failing, like it did for many families during the last ice storm. Your house wiring could be altered by an electrician such that your house becomes a giant appliance, able to be plugged into a source of electrical power, like a generator or your neighbour's house for that matter. Gord has a wealth of information in his papers at the following website:www.theravinaproject.org

If you wish to read his plans for making your house more Grid resilient go to The Ravina Project website, click on the project papers tab and download the essay, "The Ravina Project - Household Resiliency".

In case of questions, feel free to contact Gord at:[email protected]

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