Q: How can I reduce the risk of basement flooding?
A: Click on these links from the City of Toronto:
•   Causes of basement flooding on private property
•   Understanding Toronto’s sewer system
•   What the City is doing to stop flooding
•   Stop the flood before it starts
•   Information on backwater valves and sump pumps
•   What to do when your basement has flooded
•   Keep your plumbing clear


Q: How do I get my downspout disconnected?
A: Toronto City Council made it mandatory for property owners to disconnect their downspouts because doing so reduces the risk of basement flooding and decreases polluted water in our local waterways. Click here to learn more about downspout disconnection .

Q: How do I reduce the risk of flooding when I am out of town?
A: Turn off the main shutoff valve when you go away (check with your insurance company for details)