Project X Survey

Hello Pocket people,
One of our residents approached us with an interesting and generous idea. They are offering to donate up to $2000 towards any project that the Pocket decides upon. Their only ask is that the community raise an equal or greater amount.

We received quite a bit of input and suggestions from the community and now we would like to refine those suggestions into a single project that we can move forward with.

Below you will find a link to a survey to help us decide what to focus on. Simply rank your favourite choices from 1, for most favoured, to 8 for the least.

This survey has now closed, please check back for results.

We will begin the crowd funding shortly so please check back here or follow on social media for any updates.

We are hoping to have the fundraising portion completed by early in the summertime and then possibly start the project by fall. This depends on the scope of course.

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