Project X

An herb garden in your Pocket…


Seasonal herb garden, in a circular motif accessible to the Pocket community. Uses clay pot irrigation to provide a sustainable water supply.


The Challenge

A generous Pocketeer offered to help us make the Pocket a better place. It was an offer made in the form of a challenge…
“I’ll match every dollar the community raises up to $2000.”

Through community consultation we have formed a vision that starts with building a simple and elegant herb garden in Phin Park, providing shareable, sustainable and delicious herbs for all of us.
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First Thoughts

A community garden was the winning idea of the Pocket Dreams Survey on Project X and volunteers have started the Phin Park Working Group to help make this idea a reality.

Coming together around growing and sharing food is a powerful thing to do together and we are very excited to begin this project! Although, we also have visions of bounteous vegetable gardens, we thought we would begin with a beautiful, easy to maintain, herb garden.


Imagine This…


The herb garden would be a circular raised bed in stone along the path between the ice rink and the proposed fire pit. A wide ledge around the edge of the circle could serve as extra seating for both those areas.

The community could be involved in final stage of construction by contributing bits of ceramic, mirror, glass, or even jewelry to embed in the mortar between the stones. We think the neighbourhood kids would love to help with this! (We are still in the design phase and welcome any input). The garden would be watered through clay pot irrigation, cutting down on conventional watering needs by 50% to 70%. In the centre of the garden, we hope to commission a sculpture, making the structure as beautiful in the winter as it would be in the summer.

Again, all ideas are in their chrysalis stage and all feedback is welcome. Join the working group – everyone is welcomed, especially those with construction/stonework expertise, landscape design, gardening know-how or just plain enthusiasm for the project!

If you have any ideas, feedback or want to help please contact Jeff Otto for more information. [email protected]

Pocket parents, the PCA Kid’s Council is also looking for members to help with brainstorming ideas. Contact Liisa Repo-Martell for more information. [email protected]

We are hoping to get the structure built before the winter so we can start planting in the spring. BUT we can’t start anything until the funds get raised. So DONATE if and what you can and encourage your friends and neighbours to do the same.


A Vision for the Future

stump climber

Of course, funds remaining after this project will be used for other Pocket projects, including:

  • Vegetable and Medicinal Herb Garden
  • Pizza Oven
  • Sundial
  • Pollinator Plantings
  • Bat Box
  • Bee Hotel
  • Water feature/Eco sculpture
  • Nature/Adventure Playground for Bigger Kids

We could go on…and so could you, we’re sure.
Let’s DO this thing!