TTC – Oakvale Green Update

TTC – Oakvale Green Update

The PCA has been informed by the TTC that a scheduled grass cutting for the PCA portion of the Oakvale Green location is once monthly under the memorandum of understanding. I have been advised that the Grounds Maintenance staff were scheduled to attend Oakvale Green sometime this week, weather permitting. I can now confirm that the crew was in attendance today to start cutting the grass. The TTC informed me that due to the rainfall we have experienced over the past few weeks, this has increased the growth of grass that requires landscape maintenance.

With reference to the wood chips, for the last several months the TTC and its contractor have been placing tree chippings in the green space as they become available to help address erosion issues. Unfortunately, there are times when the TTC had to refrain from such deliveries based on rainfall to avoid the occurrence of deep depressions/ruts in the wet grass that can be created  from the heavy truck wheels required to deliver the wood chips. The contactor was onsite today and was asked by the Grounds Maintenance Foreperson to make the wood chips available as soon as possible and was advised where to place them, including the area where the short bridge is situated. In reference to the request for finer wood chips, while the TTC is not certain if there are any available from their contractor, they will share this request with their grounds maintenance foreperson.

The civil engineering group of the TTC has not been able to start looking at an assessment of the current drainage in the green space as we requested. The TTC will create a design schedule as soon as possible, and the PCA will share it with the community when received.

Diane Smith

PCA Co-liaison with the TTC

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