Walkability Survey

Everyone wants a safer neighbourhood for pedestrians, our kids and cyclists. We hear it time and time again when we chat on the street, over Facebook or at community events. Though we have it pretty good – not being a neighbourhood with through streets for the most part – it can be better! So, in the spirit of continuous improvement and active community engagement, the Pocket Community Association is considering a number of initiatives to make our community even safer and more enjoyable.

We’d like you to take part by taking this survey to express your support and comments. Depending on survey results, we could take some of the straightforward proposals forward directly to appropriate city staff for consideration and implementation. Others may require further in-person consultation at a PCA Town Hall later this year. We, of course, would welcome any other suggestions and proposals you may have! We’re not experts, but we are committed to making our community as friendly as possible for our kids, our cyclists and our pedestrians. So please take part now! Please note: The survey focuses on the built environment, not education or behaviour of pedestrians or drivers.


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